Into The World Of Yours and Mine 🌎

  • ~ POETRY ~ 🖊

  • My paranoid eyes search for you ;

    Seeking myself into the endearing spirit ,

    You perceive me providentially ;

    Forage deliberately in mine .

    We finally discern ,

    I unearthed my world to you ;

    You elicit your kind in mine ;

    Ultimately forging ourselves ,

    Into the World of Yours and Mine .

    — Dechen Choekyi


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    Welcome to the World of Yours and Mine!✨

    It’s my first post here and I’m really glad you’re joining me already. In this new journey of mine starting from this post, I will be writing poetry and essays about everything, I mean , it could be anything ( nature , travel , Lifestyle, love , religions , places , etc.) , Stories starting from Imaginary-Fantasy to Classic ones ; suitable for each and every human regardless of age. 😄

    Any guidance or suggestions for dejected and desolate ones to lift their spirits is also on the way.💛

    In addition to this,I will also be writing on different issues that are happening around us ; keeping it and y’all updated from time to time . So,you’ll never miss a Thing!

    So,that’s it for now. I hope you have,by now, figured out what I would be thinking for this blog. And yeah,do not miss A THING from this site because this is Fresh and New as well,where we say,”New’s Diamond and Diamond’s Precious.” Isn’t it? 💎

    Keep on reading 📖 my works and posts — And hope you’ll love it!

    Enter into the “World of Yours and Mine” ; 🌎

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    Loads of hopes and a dream,


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